In Draw, Export of a table does not work, does not have size of selection

asked 2015-02-28 17:27:50 +0200

John K. Kruschke gravatar image

Just downloaded the latest version of LibreOffice, running on Windows 7. I am using Draw. When I select a table and try to Export the selected table (to eps, or png, or whatever), export fails because the size is specified as zero, and when I try to manually specify the size the result is ugly. Exporting of graphics objects like lines and so on seems to work fine, but not exporting of tables. Is there some special procedure for exporting tables? Is this a bug? Is there a fix? (I previously did some searching of web and wiki for solution but found none.) Thanks.

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Help the helper to help you and provide information.

Which steps to you take and what was the result of each step?

A helper needs to understand all and often needs to make simulations to provide you with an answer.

ROSt52 gravatar imageROSt52 ( 2015-03-01 04:32:58 +0200 )edit

Does it work now in newer versions of LibO?

mahfiaz gravatar imagemahfiaz ( 2016-08-14 07:58:28 +0200 )edit