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I recently switched to LibreOffice. I like it so far but have a problem in calc with dates. I set the format as mm/dd/yy. In some documents it works fine, even if the date is entered as m-dd-yy, it switches it the the correct format always as it did in the previous program. In other documents it does not. I have one document with 2 different columns with date formats and it works in one and not the other. I have looked to see if there was something setup differently, but I cannot find it. OS Windows 7.

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Help the helper to help you. Please provide more information on

OS type and version?

LibO version?

Upload an example or screenshot.

Explain all steps you did and their results.

Keep in mind a helper must simulate what you did to become able to help you.

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Information asked for wasn't provided, closing.

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