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Document switches to read-only

asked 2015-03-22 14:26:58 +0200

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While I was editing a Writer-document (current version, German), I hit a wrong key and suddenly was greeted with the 'This document opened in read-only mode' bar. That isn't too bad, but the document at that moment also reverted to the version it had four hours ago, and I found no chance for me to recover the last four hours of edits :(

1) Is there any way to recover done edits (e.g., from auto-saves)?

2) Is there any way I can disable the switch to read-only mode?


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answered 2015-03-22 23:39:50 +0200

appier gravatar image

When an LibreOffice file is opened, a temporary file such as ".~lock.tempfile.odt#" is placed in that directory while you are editing the file in order to prevent it being opened and edited by a second instance of LO--ie. so that a co-worker o the same server or you do not accidentally open the file in two places. If you open the file in a second location, it will be opened as "read only". If you are confident no one else has the file open, you may safely delete the lock file, and now you will be permitted to edit the file.

I hope that helps!

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