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working with outlook 2010 [closed]

asked 2015-05-01 20:11:41 +0100

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updated 2020-08-20 22:47:32 +0100

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i have researched the site and still have an issue attempting to send to with Cal using Outlook 2010. the PC is Windows and Libre is 4.4.

I went to the control panel, clicked programs to get to choose a configuration. I selected Microsoft Windows (since I am using MS Outlook). To the best of my knowledge I have set Outlook as the default email client. I restart Outlook and restart the PC but still get the error about not finding a default email client. What am I doing wrong?

BTY. on my other PC I am using Mozilla TB without any problems.

thanks, Gene

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answered 2015-05-03 13:35:50 +0100

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it seems to me that you have an Outlook problem. Please understand that this forum is not for MS Outlook but for LibreOffice. The chance that someone can help is pretty small. You better look for an Mircosoft Outlook forum.

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