LibreOffice taakes minutes (yes, several minutes !) to open or save a writer or calc file on local HD [closed]

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Version: Build ID: 48d50dbfc06349262c9d50868e5c1f630a573ebd on iMac13,2 - Intel Core i5 - 3,2 GHz – Processeur 4 coeurs 256 Ko cache niveau 2 (par cœur) - 6 Mo cache de niveau 3 Mémoire :8 Go Processeur graphique (GPU) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX - Bus PCIe – VRAM 1024 Mo

When clicking on a directory or a file to open or save a file, the coloured disk shows thrning and it takes many minutes, typicalle 5 to 8, to stop. Every other time I have to force quit, the dialog box displaying "Libre Office ne répond plus"

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This is happening too for LibOo 5 ( in a windows7 (64bit) environment. Main memory 8 Gb

Local HD is supposed to be "fast" (SSD) and that is true in MS Word / MS Excel.

But LibOo is veryslow to open or save documents.

When it "hung" for over 30 minutes I killed it (task mgr) but have to recover docs today.

FreeLike gravatar imageFreeLike ( 2015-09-08 11:02:17 +0200 )edit