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what is the base IDE equivalent of "ThisComponent"

asked 2015-05-10 10:57:53 +0200

jay Arr gravatar image

I understand from Andrew PItonyak's "useful Macro Information document that in section

The global variable ThisComponent refers to the currently active document. If a non-document type component has the focus, then ThisComponent refers to the last active document. As of OOo version 2.01, the Basic IDE, help pages, and Base documents do not cause ThisComponent to be set to the current component.

Can anyone tell me what the equivalent of ThisComponent in Base is?

I wish to address and change the Graphic properties of a form's button.

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2 Answers

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answered 2015-05-10 14:02:07 +0200

pierre-yves samyn gravatar image

updated 2015-05-10 14:02:35 +0200


You can use ThisDatabaseDocument (see an example) (text in french but code easy to understand).

But it is not always necessary. It is often possible to go from the context to the superior object. In this another example the button's icon changes on the opening of the form.


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answered 2015-05-11 11:27:32 +0200

jay Arr gravatar image

Thanks Pierre this is just the solution I've been looking for. p.s. can you point me in the direction of where all this stuff is documented?

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This wiki page includes a number of resources. You already know the A. Pitonyak's documentation. I advise you of course IDL Reference and Xray tool, that is a must.

pierre-yves samyn gravatar imagepierre-yves samyn ( 2015-05-11 16:57:08 +0200 )edit
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