The section "Load user-specific settings with the document" in the manual seems to be all the way around [closed]

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Hello, I am reading the manual Getting Started 4.2. and in page 49 it says:

" Load user-specific settings with the document A LibreOffice document contains certain settings that are read from the user’s system. When you save a document, these settings are saved with it. Select this option so that when a document loads, it ignores the stored settings in favor of the settings on your computer"

shouldn't it be all the way around? that is: Select this option so that when a document loads, it ignores the settings on your computer in favor of the stored settings "

I have tried to create an example of this with the zoom of a document and showing or hiding the grid or changing the language of the documents but I have not seen any difference with this option in Options-Load/Save-General marked or unmarked.

I am using LO V: on Windows XP and LO V: on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Please could help me clarify this subject with an example?

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