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Error "bad root element <toolbar>" in extension to change toolbar

asked 2015-05-20 14:58:18 +0200

cornouws gravatar image


Usually I get around with adding config stuff in extension. But I miss something here..

The error I get:

( { { Message = "bad root element <toolbar> in file:///home/cono/.../uno_packages/cache/uno_packages/luvfe06d.tmp_/Adpt_Instellingen.oxt/soffice.cfg/modules/swriter/toolbar/standardbar.xml", Context = ( @0 } }

The soffice.cfg/modules/swriter/toolbar/standardbar.xml is the file that was created by manually changing the toolbar (hiding an item). The file is declared in the manifest.xml of the extension.

Part of the standardbar.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE toolbar:toolbar PUBLIC "-// OfficeDocument 1.0//EN" "toolbar.dtd">
<toolbar:toolbar xmlns:toolbar="" xmlns:xlink="">
 <toolbar:toolbaritem xlink:href=".uno:OpenUrl" toolbar:visible="false"/>
 <toolbar:toolbaritem xlink:href=".uno:AddDirect"/>
 <toolbar:toolbaritem xlink:href=".uno:NewDoc" toolbar:visible="false"/>
 <toolbar:toolbaritem xlink:href=".uno:OpenFromWriter"/>
 <toolbar:toolbaritem xlink:href=".uno:Save"/>
 <toolbar:toolbaritem xlink:href=".uno:SaveAs" toolbar:visible="false"/>
 <toolbar:toolbaritem xlink:href=".uno:SendMail" toolbar:visible="false"/>

Hints very much appreciated, Cor

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answered 2015-05-22 09:51:50 +0200

cornouws gravatar image

OK, Checked this with Stephan Bergman and we came to the conclusion that currently there is no possibility to change existing toolbars with an extension. The standardbar.xml cannot for example, be integrated in the addon.xcu.

So this question is 'solved', in any way answered.

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