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Image rendering quality

asked 2015-05-21 15:18:36 +0200

updated 2015-08-26 21:41:13 +0200

Alex Kemp gravatar image

I'm running Ubuntu 14.04.2 x64 but I don't think that has anything to do with it, just felt it would be good to know.

When I insert an image into my document it looks poor, with jagged edges, even in print preview, but the final output in PDF is good. One can tell the rendering quality has been reduced by default.

Applications like InDesign or Scribus have a performance setting where one can adjust the rendering quality of images.

Is there something similar in LibreOffice?

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answered 2016-04-21 02:25:29 +0200

OregonJohn gravatar image

Try going up to the Libre menu, select Tools/Options, under the first category on the left (LibreOffice) select Memory, then look at the Graphics Cache section. Try the following settings then experiment if not working for you.

Use for LibreOffice 128 MB Memory per object 20 MB

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