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Exporting/importing .docx

asked 2015-05-28 18:28:11 +0200

João Paulo gravatar image

I love LibreOffice, using it since , but unfortunately I am being forced to abandon it. Explanation:

My job mates don't accept the fact that exporting to .docx isn't well done. They don't accept the fact LibreOffice is better than Word in flexibility and superior format (ODF). They told me I can use LibreOffice if I copy all the documents I create using LO inside Word, and I just don't have time for it, to apply again all the formatting done at LO again at Word. I just can't copy and paste the text from LO to Word as RTF formatted text neither as HTML text, formatting gets wrong every time and manual review/formatting is needed on everything.

I know it's not The Document Foundation's the low adoption of LibreOffice against Word (first app in almost is the last to be abandoned - argh) and the fact Word doesn't understand correctly the ODF format by default just make matters worse, but until exporting/importing (aka roundtrip) fidelity isn't obtained (ODF->OOXML->ODF), I won't be able to use LO at work anymore.

Is there any preview to export fidelity (I won't need import fidelity as I am the main document creator at my team and have both LO and Word installed) at the following items? (the bold formatted are the problems showstopping LibreOffice adoption)

Footnotes without tab stops inserted on the lines' beginnings (there is no workaround);

Hidden text at LO appears visible and with yellow background formatting on Word (there is no workaround);

.SVG linked images aren't automatically converted to .EMF (there is a workaround to manually convert the .SVG image to .EMF, but it won't work because of next item);

.EMF linked images disappear when on Word (embedded ones also doesn't work, see next item);

Some .EMF embedded images doesn't maintain their position on the page (it happens with images put inside a table cell on the page header, this way: horizontal and vertical centered on the page área - on Word it appears as centered on the header -no trouble- e vertical top on the header -this is trouble-) (if there is a workaround, I couldn't discover it);

No .EMF image maintains its color formatting when exported to .docx and opened on Word (if it was B&W image on .EMF, but green formatted on .ODT, it appears as B&W on Word, even if Word 2007 onwards allow to colorize the image) (it's possible to edit the .SVG source from B&W to the desired color and convert to .EMF using other tools, but then you lose the flexibility LO allows).

Total: 3 LibreOffice showstoppers and 3 desirable items to be solved.

PS: Sorry for my English, I am no native speaker.

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answered 2017-03-09 21:28:32 +0200

JohnHa gravatar image

See [Tutorial] Differences between Writer and MS Word filesat

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