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default date output other than MM/DD/YY in calc [closed]

asked 2015-05-29 06:36:11 +0100

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updated 2020-08-21 19:51:27 +0100

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I am using Libreoffice, en-my locale.

I know that we can change the input format (date acceptance pattern) and change the cell format for individual cell/group of cells. but the rest of the world other than the US is using other date format. so instead of changing the format every time, we should be able to change default with permanent effect. this concerns the display in the cell as well as formula bar.

please advise if this feature has already been included.

thank you.

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answered 2015-05-29 11:44:12 +0100

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updated 2015-05-29 12:02:25 +0100

If you change your locale (> 'Tools' > 'Options' > 'Language Settings' > 'Languages') to 'English (UK) ' the default date format will be D/M/YY'. That's also bad, as any date format wit 2-digit-year, but surely might meet your needs better than the Belize format. The disadvantage: The default currency will be the GBP ("£") then.

The good news: The setting is independent of the UI language and of the document settings.

I did not yet succeed finding a way by "reverse engineering" allowing for different locale settings with regard to currency and dates respectively manipulating the user profile. (I think it should be feasible, however.)

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And even more, it's possible to select a specific language for every by style or by cell.

m.a.riosv gravatar imagem.a.riosv ( 2015-05-30 00:05:23 +0100 )edit

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