Calc drawn shapes moved to top right hand corner after opening the file. [closed]

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I added shapes from drawing tools in calc on my spreadsheet. I positioned and angled the specifically as I want it to be. Problem arises whenever I reopened the spreadsheet file and found some of the drawn shapes that I have drawn previously have now moved to the right hand corner of cell A1.

I tried moving it back in place and use the Protect feature from 'position and size' for those shapes but still it moved whenever I open the file again. I even tried putting the drawn shape to anchor on the cell instead of page and it still doesn't work.

This problem, however, only applies to shapes that I have modified its rotation angle only. How do I prevent those drawn shapes from moving whenever the file is being opened?

Version: Language: English Component: Calc

OS Version: Windows 7 32bit/64bit (English US)

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