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how do I open a .msg file

asked 2015-06-11 01:32:10 +0200

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updated 2015-08-25 18:52:20 +0200

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I'm attempting to move data from an ancient Dell to a Windows 8 system dell, and have installed Libre on the new Dell. It tells me that I cannot open a .msg file and must contact the software maker.

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answered 2015-06-11 13:05:47 +0200

peterwt gravatar image

A .msg file is used by MS Outlook to store a mail message. Did you have MS Outlook installed on your old PC? If so you need to install it on your new PC.


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answered 2016-10-06 08:53:55 +0200

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You have 2 option to open .msg file.

1st solution: If Outlook is installed and configured in you machine, then you can easily drag you .msg file and drop into Outlook to view MSG file. Or you can also Convert MSG file into PST format and easily open in Outlook by clicking on File tab >> Open Outlook Data file >> Browse exported PST file.After that you can read .msg file data in Outlook.

2nd solution: If Outlook is not installed and configured in you machine and want to open MSG file without Outlook, then you can go with any third party tool. To do so, Go to Google and type "Free MSG file viewer tool".

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