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How can I add the chapter title to a header?

asked 2015-06-22 00:34:54 +0200

Evil Overlord gravatar image

This seems like both a straightforward operation and a common question, but I can't make it work, and haven't found an applicable answer.

How can I add the outline heading level of my choice to a header?

  • I'm formatting a book.
  • I have the following paragraph styles: Title (book), Title (section), and Title (chapter), allin the category "Chapter Styles".
  • In Tools|Outline Numbering, these are associated with Levels 1, 2, and 3 respectively.
  • In File|Properties, I've entered "Book Title in Info" as the document title.
  • On page 1, I've entered 'Book Title' with the Title (book) paragraph format
  • On page 2, I've entered 'Chapter Title' with the Title (chapter) paragraph format.
  • In the header for page 2, I've tried entering fields:

    a) I tried the Document tab, with Type: Chapter, and Format: Chapter name. That inserts a field named "Chapter", but it displays "Book Title"

    b) I tried the Cross-references tab, with Type: Headings, Insert reference to: Chapter, and Selection: [Chapter title]. That produces a field named something like "_RefHeading_Toc533_909915320", which displays either nothing, or a page number.

    c) The field DocInformation:Title shows "Book Title in Info", as one might expect.

Changing the outline numbering so that Title (chapter) is at level 1 does insert the chapter title in the header, but of course, that's not very flexible.

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answered 2015-06-22 00:39:12 +0200

Evil Overlord gravatar image

Figured this out. In the Insert field box, there's a little box at the bottom right that allows selection of the level of the entry - in this case, level 3 selects the chapter title.

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