LibreOffice Calc: How do I re-name the row and column labels?

asked 2015-06-24 18:44:51 +0200

rtdrury gravatar image

I need to re-name the row and column labels with meaningful names. Simply assigning the first row and first column for this purpose, to hold meaningful names for the rows and columns isn't good enough, because those no longer display when one scrolls away from row one and column one.

Answer: Spreadsheets do not allow renaming the row and column labels, probably because the fixed labels are symbols to be used in formulas, but actual needs of users demand the ability to re-name. Until this happens, the Window -> Freeze feature may be used to freeze the first row and first column so that, when scrolling, the meaningful names can remain in view.

Can the official documentation please acknowledge this user need so that we can find the answer there too? Thanks.

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