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OpenOffice no longer displays files on Windows 8.1

asked 2015-06-27 15:45:41 +0200

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I was actively editing OpenOffice files on Windows 8.1 with OO 4.1.1, when suddenly I could display nothing regardless of its file extension, new or existing (Just a big '?'). I removed and reinstalled OpenOffice, and the default extension associations on Windows appear to be correct. Existing files are not corrupted. Did I flip a setting?

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OO != LO ...

rautamiekka gravatar imagerautamiekka ( 2015-06-27 16:04:12 +0200 )edit

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answered 2015-06-27 16:02:42 +0200

Dennis Roczek gravatar image


a) this is a form for helping out for problems with LibreOffice

b) it is very likely that your user configurations is somehow messed, try to remove our user configuration folder. SImply rename the folder which is located at C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\LibreOffice\4 (don't forget to use your windows username. for more information look at I have no clue where does save his profile folder



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answered 2015-06-29 01:02:06 +0200

corsonr gravatar image

Exactly. Thank you Dennis

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