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How do I refer to a cell, address from ROW and COLUMN functions

asked 2015-07-20 20:39:05 +0200

ask libreoffice gravatar image

In my IF I want to know, if the topmost field of my fields column matches with the value of the leftmost field of my fields row.

if ( cellref(COLUMN(),1)=cellref(1,ROW()) ; myexpression ; otherexpression )

What function do I have to use, or how can I sole my problem? Thanks for your help!

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2 Answers

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answered 2015-07-20 22:49:59 +0200

m.a.riosv gravatar image

There are at least three functions than can help with your problem:


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answered 2015-07-30 03:26:46 +0200

very simple : you just set (for example if the cells are c4 and h9) if ( c4=h9 ; yourexpression ; otherexpression ) or if you prefer if ( $c$4=$h$9 ; yourexpression ; otherexpression)

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