xcu file in extension - creating a new entry in menu Tools / Options

asked 2015-07-24 15:12:55 +0200

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updated 2015-07-24 15:13:52 +0200

I develop an extension and it adds a new entry in Tools / Options, in Calc menu. xcu file is following:

<oor:component-data oor:name="OptionsDialog" oor:package="org.openoffice.Office"
    <node oor:name="Nodes">
      <node oor:name="Calc" oor:op="fuse">
        <node oor:name="Leaves">
        <node oor:name="org.openoffice.fish.FishOptionsPage" oor:op="fuse">
            <prop oor:name="Id">
            <prop oor:name="Label">
              <value xml:lang="en-US">Fish Options</value>
            <prop oor:name="OptionsPage">
            <prop oor:name="EventHandlerService">

But I would like to put it in separate root node, not into Calc one. Can it be done?

Also, what oor:op="fuse" means?

Pointers to relevant docs are appreciated.

TIA, Mike

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