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Accidentally altered window layout in Impress [closed]

asked 2012-09-02 23:01:57 +0100

Ianfox gravatar image

Only just started using Impress tonight, somehow I managed to drag a window and it's resized things like this when using the Normal and outline page views.

image description

I can't work out how to get it like the default view when you first install the program. Un-installing a re-installing isn't fixing the problem.

Is there a way to snap things back to the original window layout?


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Tools - Gallery hasn't rectified it.

Ianfox gravatar imageIanfox ( 2012-09-02 23:52:01 +0100 )edit

Have you tried to reset your → LibreOffice user profile?

manj_k gravatar imagemanj_k ( 2012-09-03 00:05:43 +0100 )edit

Now we're getting somewhere. Only problem now is I can't select which slide I want to edit from the left hand side of the page in Normal view as there is no slide sorter.

Ianfox gravatar imageIanfox ( 2012-09-03 01:11:33 +0100 )edit

3 Answers

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answered 2012-09-02 23:22:51 +0100

manj_k gravatar image

updated 2012-09-03 00:25:12 +0100

You may try: Menu Tools → Gallery (mouse click on "Gallery")


Another trying:
Press "Ctrl" and double click on the grey area. undock_gallery

That will undock the Gallery window.
Now you can try to resize this window.

(Resetting the user profile should recover the default settings – see my comment above.)

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answered 2012-09-03 13:44:54 +0100

Ianfox gravatar image

Resetting the user profile is the best option I think.

Thanks very much for the help.

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answered 2012-09-03 06:07:51 +0100

manj_k gravatar image

More factors of view


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