How to create a diagram using non-numerical binary values?

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Hey guys,

I have a problem getting the following to work:

There's this table that I'm using which details a sort-of sporting event, focusing on one team. It includes a column for the date, the number of the game, those involved, the outcome, the team's 'composition' and their 'strategy'. Of interest here are mainly the date, game number and the outcome, the latter being the non-numerical binary value ('Victory' or 'Defeat') that the question speaks of.

Now, what I want to do is this to create a graph based on that table which shows the performance of the team over time. The x-axis should display the game number while the y-axis should display the performance, i.e. either victory or defeat so that using a line diagram or something to that effect.

Unfortunately, when I defined the data region Calc was not smart enough to guess what I was trying to do. So since I assume what I'm asking for isn't possible in the same way that you'd usually create a diagram (please correct me if that assumption is wrong) I opted for a different approach instead:

I created a second table with the simple if-function IF([cell]="Victory"; 1; 2) so victory and defeat turned into numerical values. Using that second table to create a diagram obviously worked. However, I cannot figure out how to now replace 1 and 2 with 'Victory' and 'Defeat' on the y-axis and I also can't seem to find out how to remove the minimum and maximum value from the axis (0 and 3), the intervals I already removed via the scaling menu.

To summarize: Is there a way to get Calc to change the y-axis in the way I described and if not, is there another way to get a diagram like I described for this data?

Thank you for your time.

Context Information:

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  2. Windows 7, German
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