Issues with background picture / letterhead

asked 2015-08-13 00:50:58 +0200

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My goal is to put my A4 letter head design (*.png) on the first page of a template as a background so that I can write over it but only showing it on PDF prints, not physical prints.

After reading other questions and answers on this portal, I found two ways of achieving that but I consider both ways incomplete. To elaborate

  1. Create a new style, put the graphic in the background of the first page.
    Problem: Unless you remove page margins in the style, your A4 design will be shrinked.
  2. Insert the picture, anchor it to the page, then wrap it with the background.
    • If you use the mouse to move in the document, very often you will by mistake select the picture. You have to deselect it first (by clicking into the grey area around the document) to keep working.
    • If you want to make a printout without the "background" picture, you cannot just deselect "print background" in the print settings, you have to deselect "print images". As long as the letterhead is the only image you have in the whole document, that's fine. But otherwise, that's a problem.

So, is there a possibility to achieve my specified goal without these issues?

Thanks for your answers in advance (even if they just confirm that there is no other way),


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