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libreoffice 5.0 no sound and video [closed]

asked 2015-08-17 12:07:42 +0100

gergroeneveld gravatar image

updated 2020-08-23 16:56:26 +0100

Alex Kemp gravatar image

Upgraded to libreoffice on linux kubuntu 14.10 LTS and none of the sound & video embedding seems to work anymore. Previous work around with object embedding (in 4.0) doesn't work either.

Any hints?

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Did you install the libreoffice-avmedia-gstreamer-backend?

Peter Eijlander gravatar imagePeter Eijlander ( 2015-08-28 10:59:57 +0100 )edit

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answered 2015-08-28 10:54:12 +0100

Peter Eijlander gravatar image

It does not concern LibreOffice Impress itself but the combination of Ubuntu past 12.04LTS or other derivatives. I tried this in all sorts of Ubuntu distro's past 12.04 and in all cases embedding an audio file, whether it is a MP3, OGG, WAV or MP4 audio (as was suggested by someone) in all cases the slides freeze for exactly ten seconds. Not only during the presentation but also during the use of the editor. In my case I have an opening slide, followed by a second slide that contains a small .ogg file to play. Even in the editor clicking slide two, without even playing anything, the slide does not show in the drawing mode screen, but after ten seconds... Funny enough an embedded .oga video fragment plays without any problem. It is only after installing the necessary libreoffice-avmedia-backend-gstreamer that this problem starts to occur. In Ubuntu 12.04 it's version is 1:5.0.0-rc5 but in later versions like Mint 17.2 it is 1:4.4.3-rc2. I cannot test this on a Mac but I know that on Windows 7 this does not occur.

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