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Can't open files with LO.5

asked 2015-08-20 14:42:53 +0200

amandaglahn gravatar image

updated 2015-08-21 13:37:34 +0200

Alex Kemp gravatar image

Hi, I recently started having trouble opening my files. I can make new files and open old files, but if I open old files, change them, save, and close, I can't reopen. This is really bothering me, so I hope someone can help!

I run Windows 8. I had LO.4 before, but then updated to LO.5, thinking it might solve the problem.

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2 Answers

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answered 2015-08-20 23:45:48 +0200

SolarDesalination gravatar image

Like you open the file and nothing happens? Or do you get an error message? What type of file is is? (.docx or .odt?)

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answered 2018-09-23 09:31:24 +0200

ebot gravatar image

I assume you mean the opening in the file explorer. If the file icons are no longer associated with LO, you can fix it. Please refer:

Does that solve your problem?

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