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Icons missing from libreoffice writer Ubuntu

asked 2015-08-21 07:16:25 +0100

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I've just installed libre office 5 on my PC with a dualboot windows 8 and ubuntu 14.04. I notice that the windows version is much smoother than ubuntu which feels very clunky and not nice to use.


  • Several icons like accept changes and reject changes are absent in libre office writer on ubuntu while they have icons in windows
  • When i right click to customise the standard toolbar on ubuntu, i am unable to select the option and i have to go to tools and customise to do the same.

Has my installation of office on ubuntu gone wrong or is the windows interface just better?

[Edit: added win8 + ubuntu14.04 + lo5 tags]

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answered 2015-08-21 12:36:15 +0100

petermau gravatar image

Software interfaces are a personal thing, and luckily with LibO you have a choice and you can have both the Windows and Linux-Ubuntu versions without cost, and move backwards and forwards between them. If you prefer the Windows version you can choose that.

On my Linux-Mint-Mate system the MANAGE CHANGES icon is conveniently on the SIDEBAR (F11 or VIEW > SIDEBAR). My version 5.0 is very smooth and nice to use and it suits me. I like having the customise option under tools. Glad you are making the choice between two versions of LibO.You could provide more detail and I know the design team would be interested .Peter

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