Howto create form based on calc table alone?

asked 2015-08-25 21:17:01 +0200

Holger Klene gravatar image

For starters I'd like to pimp my Calc table with two options to select the gender and maybe toggle some text formula based on the gender to address the reader as "Mr" or "Mrs".

Next I need a minimalistic combobox to enter either one of a short list of fixed strings into a specific cell.

In addition, I'm looking for a fancy date-chooser to open up, when I edit a specific cell. I imagine to see one month in a matrix of one week per row, annotated with the week-number, day of week and month-name.

I understand, Calc comes with some form elements, but trying to use one I got lost in selecting a datasource. Can I somehow link some other Calc-table as datasource (prefereably within the very same Calc-document)?

How to do it, without first setting up a whole database? I'd really like this portable, that is have this form mailed to a few people, so they can fill and print it. Ideally I would create a PDF from my Calc document, so they only need an Acrobat-Reader but are still able to fill my form...

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