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since upgrading to L.O. 5, I can't slect and drag text in writer. Why?

asked 2015-08-30 07:29:20 +0200

JohnOShock gravatar image

updated 2015-09-01 00:10:14 +0200

Alex Kemp gravatar image

since upgrading to L.O. 5, I can't slect and drag text in writer. Why? It works fine in other applications like gedit and calligra.. I'm using GNOME as desktop.

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answered 2015-08-31 18:47:39 +0200

JohnOShock gravatar image

OK, I found something.... so for anyone else experiencing this.. the GNOME integration package is nnot compatible with this version of LibreOffice (version 5) i.e libreoffice-gnome on openSUSE.. I wonder if people using Fedora have noticed anything... I fixed it by uninstalling the package, but the interface no longer integrates with the GNOME GTK theme ... thus making LibreOffice look like it's on MSWindows 3.1... but at least all the functionality is back. I guess some work is needed to update the package.

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You don't have to remove libreoffice-gnome. I saw 3 packages: -libreoffice-gnome (for gnome integration of gnome system integration); -libreoffice-gtk3 (for widgets from the GTK3 toolkit, and a gnome print dialogue); -libreoffice-gtk (for widgets from the GTK+ toolkit, and a gnome open and print dialogue). Libreoffice-gtk needs libreoffice-gnome, but libreoffice-gtk3 can be removed. All 3 were installed, and I removed libreoffice-gtk3. It looks a bit older but not ugly. Dragging works now:-)

Hugo Venhorst gravatar imageHugo Venhorst ( 2015-09-24 20:19:29 +0200 )edit
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