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document gets misaligned when used on different computers on the same version of libre office writer

asked 2015-09-02 15:28:36 +0200

eigenvalue gravatar image

I do use a laptop for my daily use and a computer as a back up and for occasional editing. Laptop details: OS: ubuntu Gnome 14.04 LTS (up to date) 64 bit, Desktop details: OS: ubuntu 12.04 LTS ( up to date with GNOME desktop environment) 32 bit. Both have libre office version installed in it. When I open a file edited in my laptop as .odt file and open it in my desktop all my document alignment styling changes automatically letting my work to waste. Is this a bug or the fault is mine. Please do help in solving

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answered 2015-12-01 00:23:20 +0200

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I stopped having this problem when I embedded the fonts in the document.

File > Properties > Font, mark Embed fonts in the document.

You may need to make some modification on the document to be able to save it again.

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answered 2015-09-02 21:15:36 +0200

Regina gravatar image

I see two possible differences:

  • Do you have identical fonts on both computers?
  • Have both computers the same printer driver and same default printer?

To avoid problems coming from different printers, you can disable "Use printer metrics for document formatting" in the Compatibility options. Disabling the option "Load printer settings with the document" in Load/Save > General might help too.

If the appearance of your document is so different, then it is likely, that the way you have done the styling can be improved. For to examine such, you need to provide a problematic document.

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To frame it better, I do use same fonts on both the computer and use the same printer driver and default printer on both my laptop and desktop. To be specific I use Lohit Tamil font on both my laptop and desktop. When I finish editing my document and open it in desktop the alignment and formatting setup changes in desktop. Would it be the case of different monitor resolutions used? (my wild guess, no idea)

eigenvalue gravatar imageeigenvalue ( 2015-09-03 10:26:46 +0200 )edit

Isn't it a CTL script? It is very difficult to reproduce such problems, when you are working in an English or -for me- German environment. Can you produce a document which shows the error; 2 pages of text, some dummy text but with formatting as in the original document. And add on 3. and 4. page screen shots from the different computers. Please make it available for download. Have you tried, whether you get the same problem using another application?

Regina gravatar imageRegina ( 2015-09-03 17:20:24 +0200 )edit

excuse me. I am unable to upload, as it requires more than 3 points to upload.

eigenvalue gravatar imageeigenvalue ( 2015-09-06 16:19:23 +0200 )edit
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