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Pivot in Calc with Postgresql DB: How to group date columns

asked 2015-09-02 23:54:05 +0200

cschlaefcke gravatar image


I have a postgresql database with a table containing booking data. I want to use this table to create a pivot in LO Calc (Version

In the row area I have a category field. In the column area a have the date field. And in the data area I have the field amount (Sum). Now I want to group the single date columns by month.

I tried to use the grouping function in Calc but it does not group anything or I was not able to use this function properly. I searched the LO docs and even here at - without success.

Any hint pushing me to right direction would be very much appreciated.



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answered 2015-09-03 21:18:07 +0200

cschlaefcke gravatar image

Solved by selecting one the date values in the date column. Then in the menu Data>Grouping and Outline>Group...

Here I was able to choose "Interval" = "Month" :-)

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