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how to automate report generation (write insert text)

asked 2015-09-08 17:32:39 +0100

Andeo gravatar image

I have a .text file, it contains filename(picture) , coordinates, of detected defects. This information should be inside a report. page 1 is header & info page 2 list of contents, contains a table with issue number, brief description & coordinates. page 3 ...xx are report pages, that contain the before named picture, and a table, containing the same info as in index, plus more. these pages would be generated one per line in the text file.

Question is, is this a job for a Write script , if so, are there any example-scripts. or is it a job for some sort of elready-existing functionality that maybe reads the text file as cvs, and processes it ? or, is it somehow to be automated from terminal (linux) - using search&replace to populate correct places with text

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answered 2015-09-08 21:19:05 +0100

Alex Kemp gravatar image

FWIW You seem to be wanting to save structured data. That immediately says to use a database (hence Base).

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