Calc-How to keep links to sheet in file when sheet is moved to new file [closed]

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I have one file with two sheets. Sheet number 1 links to a cell in sheet 2. To keep the file neat, I want to move sheet 2 into a new file and do that by clicking Move/Copy sheet >-new document- with "Move" checked. Now the link to sheet 2 in sheet 1 doesn't work anymore. Calc does not update the link to the new file. I assume I can't refer the new file since libre office doesn't yet know where the file is stored. Is there a way to change the setting or a workaround, so that this doesn't happen anymore? I know the example is simple, and wouldn't really require this action, but I have several sheets with several linked cells. Any help or hint much appreciated. Thanks

Libre Office Calc,, english on OS X Yosemite 10.10.5, english


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