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libreoffice 5.0.x caption not appear/display

asked 2015-09-14 04:03:04 +0200

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why on LibreOffice 5.0.x , the caption does not appear/display during a print or pdf this caption image picture not display on libreoffice writer

on LibreOffice writer 43/44 not problem in the caption but after changing to version 50 , the caption does not appear when it is made into a pdf and perform printing

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answered 2015-09-19 03:31:24 +0200

Dislly gravatar image

I guess, you could replace the sensitive information in your document with meaningless characters and submit a sample for the others to see and help.

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Sorry for the delay... @alex. I won't repeat this experience indeed. Actually, I had installed the generic lo ppa for updating convenience in a first place. But it clearly appears that the "still libreoffice" ppa is better suited to professional use ! I also noted the "bug report" page after my first comment... and the bug seems to be solved for version 5.0.3 ( ). Thanks anyway and sorry again for using this forum in an inappropriate way !

jul gravatar imagejul ( 2015-11-04 10:10:02 +0200 )edit

answered 2015-09-18 23:37:24 +0200

jul gravatar image

I have the same problem on each of the 5 (personnal and professional) computers I've updated to LibreOffice 5.0.x. My and colleagues professional computers run Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, while my personal has Xubuntu 15.04. No difference, same problem as described. I've tried several options (changing image options such as stick to top, text adaptation, frame options ect...). It works temporarily, but when opening again the file or exporting to pdf, captions disappear again...

Solved when re-opening the file with a libreoffice 4.x.x version. But it's not really satisfying !

It also seams to be somehow solved in the 5.0.x version when adding a line break before the caption inside the frame... not fully satisfying neither and still to be confirmed.

Quick help greatly welcomed as several professional computers are involved, using LO for reports and so on !

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LibreOffice Fresh is NOT intended for production use. Submit a Bug Report (that's what it IS intended for).

Alex Kemp gravatar imageAlex Kemp ( 2015-09-30 16:36:47 +0200 )edit
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