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How can I organise LibrOffie Writer documents into folders?

asked 2015-09-16 00:17:40 +0100

squern gravatar image

updated 2015-09-16 19:49:17 +0100

Alex Kemp gravatar image

Version: Build ID: 420m0(Build:2)

I want to create folders on different subjects, into which I can save relevant documents

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answered 2015-09-16 23:08:31 +0100

peterwt gravatar image

LO Tools>Options>LibreOffice>Paths will show the path to the Directory where LO Documents will be saved. You can create Sub Directories here with your Operating System. When you save a Document the pop up will default to the Directory indicated in the Path. If you have already created Sub Directories here you can select that Directory. If you have not created Sub Directories then in the save pop up click at the top right "Create New Folder" to create a new directory.

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answered 2015-09-18 00:51:27 +0100

MarjaE gravatar image

Yes, this sounds like a file system issue rather than a LibreOffice issue.

You should be able to quit LibreOffice, create the folder, and drag-and-drop files into that folder in most systems including many Linux environments, OS X, older Windows, etc. It may be harder in Unity, iOS, etc.

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answered 2015-09-16 19:50:15 +0100

Alex Kemp gravatar image

Do you know how to use your OS file-system?

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