Libre Office won't install. Keep getting msg: "Error 1324. Path Libre Office contains an invalid character" [closed]

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Why do I keep getting this error message when I try to install Libre Office Writer, either version 4 or version 5?
"Error 1324. The Path Libre Office 4 contains an Invalid character."

I am using Windows 10 OS, English American language. I first tried to install over the older version of Libre Office, but stopped by this error msg. Then, I tried to un-install the older version, but got the same error message, which blocked my uninstalling. I then deleted the entire folder that contained the older version of Libre Office Writer. But, still get the same msg when I tried to install Libre Office from scratch, in a new folder.

Please, someone moderate this question so I can use Libre Office on my desktop. Thanks

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How long does it take for a post to get "moderated?" Would appreciate someone answering this one as I cannot install and use Libre Office on my desktop computer, because of this repeated error message.

jamesb93 gravatar imagejamesb93 ( 2015-09-23 06:14:35 +0100 )edit