Currency rate conversion by date in Calc

asked 2015-10-02 22:12:34 +0200

tizianos gravatar image

I have a Calc file wit monthly sales data in USD, each value is linked to a date and to a country, which I need to convert in EUR, with the correct exchange rate of the date of sale. The following thing to do is to get from the brutto amount the corresponding VAT for each country of sale.

The structure of column is:

Item Country PriceUSD Date --- PriceEUR VAT

I have another file with average exchange rates USD-EUR for each date.

The structure is: Date ExchangeRate

I have another file for the VAT with:

Country VATRate

I would like to keep the three files separated because for each month I have a different file, while the file with exchange rates gets overwritten daily, and the files with VAT rates stays mostly unchanged (but I need to quickly adjust it in case of changes).

Is it possible to combine the data in the three files and get the correct conversion in EUR by date and the correct VAT amount by country VAT rate?

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