Generating reference list from database.

asked 2015-10-16 17:21:21 +0200

Ealdred gravatar image

I have been reading a bit about using LibreOffice Base to create a reference list in a writer document, but I cannot figure out how to do this efficiently.

I am currently inserting the fields into my document through the "Data to Text" function in the "Data Sources" window, which is a rather slow process when you have more that 20 references to add...

So my question is: Is there a way, in which I can easily print the data saved in a database to a writer document?

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so are you trying to get it into a form where you can just paste it? Have you run an INTO TEXT query e.g. SELECT <select list> INTO TEXT <tablename> FROMas described here?

doug gravatar imagedoug ( 2015-11-12 03:11:32 +0200 )edit