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Text to columns does not work with multiple select [closed]

asked 2015-10-21 09:13:41 +0100

jon gravatar image

Trying to parse a CV with 4178 rows including the header, I browse to Data > Text to Columns, however, unfortunately after I do a multiple selection and try to have the data parsed to columns, the option is disabled.

Is it possible to consider enabling this function for large data sets?

I use , as a possible source of datasets maybe you can suggest others. I am working on a machine learning algorithm any specific technical advice would help.

3 points are required to enable me to upload files e.g. screenshots and samples to demonstrate the problem.

Is this a bug or would this be a request for enhancement?

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2 Answers

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answered 2015-10-22 00:18:48 +0100

m.a.riosv gravatar image

Text to columns applies for a single range in one column, not multiple selection available.

But you can do it, pasting as unformatted text with Paste special [Ctrl+Shift+V] Menu/Edit/Paste special:

Data: M,0.455,0.365,0.095,0.514,0.2245,0.101,0.15,15

image description

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answered 2015-10-22 09:06:49 +0100

karolus gravatar image

why did you not in first place →Insert→sheet from file.... with proper settings??

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