Calc : Link to cells auto updating on change

asked 2015-10-21 11:11:01 +0200

AdamElioS gravatar image

I have a libreoffice calc file containing a lot of various informations

For a same sheet, I made an index at the top, with links to cells for each sections. The problem ? When I update a section, the links become wrong. Example : A section link in index link to cell A80. If I update a section before that one and add 10 lines, my section is now at index A90 but my link still point to cell A80 and all the following sections links are wrongs.

If it was for no one but me, I could dealing with it, but I'm not the only one adding informations in the file.

I want a solution to force link to update when lines are added, so the keep pointing to the right cell.


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