How to track faulty config file ?

asked 2015-10-26 11:18:40 +0200

alci gravatar image

I had libreoffice systematically freeze on opening when no network was available. I finally remembered clearing the .config/libreoffice directory sometimes fixes this kind of issues, and it did.

But I'm not satisfied, I would like to track down the problem, make a bug report and make it disappear forever...

So now, I have two directories, .config/libreoffice and .config/libreoffice.old. Is there a way to track down the diffrences in config, so that I can pinpoint the faulty config ?

EDIT1: ok, I took a try to get further with my problem. I restored the faulty .config/libreoffice directory, turned network off, and ran strace -o strace-nonetwork.log -e trace=network -f -tt -s 512 libreoffice --impress

So now, I have the output of strace, but I'm not really able to make the most of it... So, maybe some developer can tell what going wrong from reading it... Here it is (I cannot attach files directly as my karma is not high enough)

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