Is there a way to create a toolbar button to toggle an option of LibreOffice Writer (e.g. Options > Writer > Formatting Aids > Protected Areas > Ignore Protection: On/Off) [closed]

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Hello everyone. I have some old .doc form letters that were created in MSWord 97-2003 using the Forms functions which includes text within the documents that are protected from editing. I know that I can bypass this in LibreOffice 5 Writer by going to Tools > Options > LibreOffice Writer > Formatting Aids > Protected Areas > Ignore Protection and checking the box to ignore the native protection in the document.

My hope is to have a custom button in a toolbar that can toggle the "Ignore Protection" value to simplify the process for the user. I want to avoid converting the documents or having them all unprotected.

The purpose is that there are quite a few of these old .doc files and I am looking for the simplest way to maintain the protection but having the option to quickly edit some of the protected text based on the recipient/client.

For reference: LibreOffice Writer, English, on multiple Windows OS, including Win XP and Win 7. Original documents were created in Word 97 or 2003 as .doc using the Forms function(s) of Word and the documents were protected using the 'Protect Forms' function in the Forms toolbar.

Thank you.

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