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How do I save the view mode for all documents

asked 2015-10-29 03:13:09 +0200

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updated 2016-03-15 17:24:37 +0200

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I just downloaded the newest version of libreoffice (5.0.2) using windows 7, but the same problem persists for me. All documents are opened with a two page view. I know how to change it to a one page view like I'm used to, but I'm unable to save this setting to be valid for the given document, as well as the newer and older ones. Can anyone help me out here, as I'm a very "conservative" person and only want things as they've always been (at least when it comes to text editing) How do I keep the document view setting?

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answered 2015-10-30 12:28:03 +0200

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updated 2015-10-30 12:29:06 +0200

The setting should be stored in your user profile. There sometimes occurs corruption due to brakedowns eg.

You may try to solve the issue resetting your user profile. Be careful if threre are templates / macros of your own. For details read this wiki page.

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