Libreoffice 5.0: Enable Gnome Print Dialogue instead of inbuilt version? [closed]

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Hi Everyone ,

I run Libreoffice on my laptop running Arch Linux. One problem I have encountered is that Libreoffice uses its own print menus, rather the in-built gnome print menu. The gnome print menu however has support for Google Cloud Print. Evince, Photos and all other apps thus work with cloud print except Libreoffice. Is there a way to use the in built print menu? Currently I save the document as a PDF and print from Evince. Any comments appreciated.


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This seems practical. Maybe it could be implemented as an extension. I wonder why this has never been done. It's extremely inconvenient to print or export the document to PDF, then use the PDF Viewer to print the document to Google Cloud Print.This

dennis_reichel gravatar imagedennis_reichel ( 2020-07-26 16:15:42 +0100 )edit