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LibreOffice equivalent to Google Spreadsheets' frozen rows ? [closed]

asked 2015-11-10 16:24:44 +0200

updated 2016-03-14 18:49:49 +0200

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Google Sheets (part of Google Drive) has a convenient feature called frozen rows (and columns) that allows to specify (nowadays unlimited number of) rows that'll be the header of any kind you want that are ignored during sorting, and at least some other features; take my spreadsheet for example. What is LO's equivalent ? As far as I know and see, LO and OOo alike don't have anything like that, instead the rows you wanna use as headers get dragged into sorting results.

LO5 preferably, although it doesn't really matter to me cuz I've never seen such feature.

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answered 2015-11-10 16:41:29 +0200

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Click into first cell below|right of the areas to freeze and go to →Window→[x]freeze (What a surprise ! ;-)

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Well, that's simple enough, although you have to use another road to get there.

rautamiekka gravatar imagerautamiekka ( 2015-11-11 14:51:14 +0200 )edit

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