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How to Create Portable App for LibreOffice. [closed]

asked 2015-11-16 04:06:12 +0200

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updated 2020-09-02 01:30:51 +0200

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How to Create Portable App for LibreOffice in Platform.

How to make mini launcher.


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3 Answers

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answered 2015-11-16 22:47:59 +0200

m.a.riosv gravatar image
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answered 2015-11-16 23:05:48 +0200

JKEngineer gravatar image

Your question is not clear enough to get an explicit answer.

The PortableApps platform already creates what I think you are calling mini-launchers - the various components are included in the PA menu. If you mean, "how do I do a one click launch without the PA menu" then just create shortcuts - on the desktop or elsewhere - to the "applicationname"portable.exe in the PA file system. Example would be a shortcut to : LibreOfficeWriterPortable.exe which is in: X:\PortableApps\PortableApps\LibreOfficePortable , where X is the drive letter associated with the PA installation. Using shortcuts would imply that you have it permanently installed on a consistent drive letter, such as the hard drive, or always use it on the same machine with the same drive letter assigned to its flash drive. I don't think you can put shortcuts on the root of the flash drive if the drive letters change, as they may when you move to different machines. That's really a question for the PortableApps forum - search first, it may have been answered already.

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answered 2015-11-17 23:16:47 +0200

Rugslug gravatar image

This is expanding on what JKEngineer suggested. This is to run a LO portable app without using the PortableApp program in Windows:

Create a batch file in the root directory of your USB Drive. Say, LO Writer.bat

Paste the following code into the LO Writer.bat file.

@echo off

Edit the paths to be the same as you have it installed on your USB Drive. I _think_ mine uses the default installation files.

Save and exit. Double click the LO Writer.bat file and it should run LO Writer. Create other files for Calc, Base, Impress based on the .exe filename.

This will run LO Portable regardless of the drive letter assigned to the USB Drive. Or even C-Drive if that is where it is installed.

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