How to save numbering options as global default for LibreOffice

asked 2015-11-16 14:10:58 +0200

Denys gravatar image

If I need to get:

1 -> First 1.1 ->Sub-First

I go to Format --> Bullets and Numbering --> Option and choose Level2, show Sublevels 2. Every time I close LibreOffice or create new document I need to config this manually. I can create default style, but even with configured default style if I click on numbering button on toolbar , numbering will be by default without my sub levels options... I try to remap button to use my style, no success..

In MS Word there are 2 buttons, for main numbering, and second for sub level numbering.

How Can I config such numbering by default for LibreOffice and all documents I create/edit by default????

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