What happened to a folder?

asked 2015-11-16 22:35:28 +0200

I installed LibreOficina recently. Today, I opened a jump drive and an entire folder with many documents was not there. It seems to have been put into 2 subfolders with symbols I do not understand and I cannot open it with any of the alternatives the come up and libre office does not come up as an alternative. This is an important working file. The symbols are a dog eared page, then a small arrow pointing up, 2 little rectangles on end and the letter a - 81,920 KB and another small dog eared page for little rectangles on end and the letter e with an umlaut on top like an inverted v. Losing the files in this folder will cause me a great deal of trouble. Can you help?

I scanned for viruses - Windows defender - nothing.

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