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How do I create a progress chart worksheet?

asked 2015-12-17 18:36:40 +0200

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updated 2015-12-24 12:40:25 +0200

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I have a monthly workbook that tracks our agent's appointment progress each day with its own worksheet tab. Each day it tracks appointments kept, selling days used, appointments tracking total for month-end, their goal they established at the beginning of the month, and the variance between what they are tracking and what their goal is. I would like to create an additional sheet within the same workbook that allows me to see the agents' progress against each other, so I can see trends through the month.

I am having difficulty wrapping my head around getting the appointment-kept data pulled from each day's sheet and having it represented in chart format in the progression worksheet. At this time, I only want to chart progress on the appointments kept data.

I've researched some of this and have come across consolidating data from multiple sheets into one sheet, but that has confused me further, since I have never built a workbook that consolidates data.

Version: Build ID: 81898c9f5c0d43f3473ba111d7b351050be20261

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answered 2015-12-24 10:42:53 +0200

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updated 2015-12-24 10:46:46 +0200


You can perhaps get what you are looking for with conditional formatting. The FAQ on the wiki presents step by step two possibilities with screenshots and example spreadsheets:


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