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How do i put different headers on serten pages [closed]

asked 2016-01-03 02:13:37 +0100

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for over a freakin month now I have ben trying to get libra office headers to do a few things. 1 stop putting the header from 1 place on every single other page. I want every header of every page to be different. or at least do something like first 5 page headers are named vengeance and the next after that have the header Wrath.

when some one can explaine this please do so in laymen terms. for a mounth now I have tried to do as other header answers said but it keeps messing up.

Example - I go to page styles - I go to first page and put header first page and put ANGER in header... Thin I go to the beginning of my book 1 page down and put a new header in called wrath and switch the heading to default style when I look back up instead of leaving the first part ALONE! now the first header has changed to the second!

I'm near publishing my spell checked work head the stupid headers are preventing me! if you can help me please do. and if not to much trouble... please make a youtube video on how to do it...

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answered 2016-01-23 05:32:47 +0100

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Header, footer and other page attributes are stored against “sections” and not individual pages. Each section can be one page, several pages or the entire document. Inserting a manual page break starts a new section. I am new to LibreO and was also frustrated by its behaviour till the penny dropped about sections. MS Word uses smoke and mirrors to disguise this as it automatically creates sections (have you ever had a document go crazy after deleting one of these).

Header/footer changes made to any page in a section apply to the entire section. Start a new section with a page break to apply a new page style, etc.. The page definition has two page styles - current and next. The first applies to the first page of the section an the second applies to all other pages in the section.

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