CCM for Libre office

asked 2016-01-09 08:37:07 +0200

Hello All,

I think this question was asked before but never got an answer, so i modified it to my own question.

I just want to know if libreoffice can be managed centrally in terms of internal and central patch management and distribution setup. if you have any tool preferable opensource aswell that can do this I will want to know.

We are currently trying to move from MS to Libre and the requirement is if a central patch management and distribution setup can be done.

Also some questions I would like to have answers to

How and where are patches (security updates, monthly bug fix releases) located? I have see the plan already but do you have mailing list one can join to get updates immediately.

Is manual patch verification required or can a tool like e.g. WSUS be used in order to collect and import the latest patches and versions centrally before distributing them to the clients?

Are all patches released inside the monthly release cycle or can important patches (e.g. security bulletins) be released outside of the release plan cycle?

Are patches for Windows clients provided in MSI packages or does each patch or update pack require hands-on configuration before deploying it to the windows clients?
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