feature request: tagging for content [closed]

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content tagging is a great feature - but there is no word processor which does support this great feature. It would be great if LibreOffice supports content tagging like for example in writer:

  • a "content tagging" panel can be displayed
  • if the cursor is in a text (without selection), one can add tags into the "content tagging" panel and the tags are added to the paragraph
  • if the user selected some text and add tags into the "content tagging" panel, then this tags are added to the selected text (not the complete paragraph)
  • it would be great to have a tag browser / filtet: The user selects a Tag and all paragraphs with this Tag are displayed. If only a textrange in a paragrapg has this tag, then the complete paragraph is displayed, but the tagged textrange is highlighted.

Thanks a lot in advance, kind regards Tom

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