Copying a functional pivot table between documents [closed]

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Using Calc (because that's the version my distro seems to have available...)

I'm trying to copy a pivot table from one document to another, and end up with a functional pivot table in the destination. The advice given here:

specifically does NOT seem to work.

More detail:

I received a calc document from an outside source, and added a page with a pivot table. I offered the revised version of the doc back to the original creator, but he's not interested. Now he has released a new version of his original doc with revised numbers. I would really like to copy my pivot table from the old doc to the new, without having to recreate all of it's tedious details by hand. But every method I have tried so far - including both of the methods listed in the linked solution from this site - ends me up with a static table with values from the original sheet. Is there any way that I can copy the page and/or table from the first doc to the second, and end up with a dynamic pivot table that updates from the values in the new doc, and can be modified (if, for instance, the input range should be expanded?)

Thanks for any help,

 - rob.
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